Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School is back in session!!!

Summer has come and gone!  The kids are all in school and we are excited for school to be back in session.

This is the first year that Caroline will be in school all day for Kindergarten, Drew is excited about being with his friends in 1st grade, and Sammie has the best class ever....most of her friends are in her class for 2nd grade.   We are all excited about the coming school year and we hope we can keep up with the momentum of the excitement throughout the year.

We have been so busy this summer with my parents visiting us till October.  They have helped us with the kids and it allows me to travel in Sept to Scrapfest and Inspiration Unlimited. I could not do it without them helping with the kids. So THANK YOU LOLO AND LOLA.

I am grateful for my family!  We are in transition time with school and I am hoping it does not take us too long to adjust.  Wish us luck.   I couldn't do it with out the help of Robert.  Wow...we make a great team!

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to have some crafty shares with you soon.

Till next time. Happy Crafting.