Monday, March 13, 2017

The ups and downs...But I am back.

Oh me oh my. It has been a while since I have blogged and shared my crafty creations. To be honest with you I took a four year break from the crafting world.  Life got in the way and I am just getting back on track with crafting.

Let me back up a few years....
When we first moved to Salt Lake we were renting a home that we loved and got to know our neighbors. We were in this house for three to four years we had many good times in this home. Unfortunately, the landlord was selling the house and we were not ready to purchase a home just yet. 

So, we were off to find another rental.  Low and behold we found a place to live. 

One of the last projects I made at this house.

So we moved just a mile away from the school and loved our new neighbors.

This was moving day to our new place. Everything on the driveway.

Fast forward ....
We made new friends, created new bonds with other families and long lasting memories. We loved this place.
We moved and I gained a new best friend.

So many things happened in the year that we were at the new rental. Kids had more activities. I had resigned from my position with Teresa Collins Designs so I could focus on my family. Good thing I did because soon after I resigned we had to put down our dog. He was 14 years old and was with us for a long time. Then after a few months we got a new addition to the family. Thorton. Long story short. He got sick soon after we adopted him, had to return him to get him better (after a week in the hospital and he was still sick). It was the end of the school year. We were heading out to a camping trip right after the last day of school and get a call that we can take Thorton back home. So we take him camping. Get back to the house and leave him at the house.......while we were out he put his front paw on the counter to grab something and knocked the knob on the stove and started a house fire while we were out. Our neighbor saw the smoke and got all the animals out of the house and contained the fire till the fire men came to the house.

Stayed that summer in a hotel. Needless to say the land lord did not want us to return to the home after Thorton set fire to the house.  As a previous landlord I completely understood. So then we had to find another rental or bit the bullet and purchase a home.  We ended up purchasing a home. Fast forward two years. We have a new staircase, updated a kitchen and the downstairs bathroom. We are slowly fixing things and updating things as we have the funds.  I started working at the kids school as the computer lab teacher and the kids are in so many activities it would make your head spin.
Phew... So, now that things are kinda back to normal. (took long enough)  I am ready to get my crafty groove back.

I have been working with a company called My Diamond Press. It is a small and portable die-cutting machine. I love working with them and it has gotten me back into making cards. I am ready to share and continue my crafting adventures.

I love to share my projects and my crafty adventures.  Hope to see you soon. Till next time...Happy Crafting!!