Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Photo of the day....Jan 7,2009

Okay.. starting a little late. Better late than never. :)

Don't ya love it... Breakfast of champions. This is what I had for breakfast today.

Not a great morning...woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Drew came to me crying then Sammie was right behind him crying louder than Drew....What a great alarm clock. Not this morning...Thank goodness for Robert. He took care of the kids while I reset. I just had to sleep just a little longer.

I get downstairs and the kids are angles. Snow is on the ground...and I am feeling lazy. So the kids are staying home with me today. We will see how I turn out later on in the day.

So today I need to start packing for my retreat with Marie and Amy. I found out yesterday that Krista will be there as well. So...I have to get started packing.

Random thoughts...but that is me. :)Sesil

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