Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'll take the good with the bad...

Yesterday was a strange day.  First thing in the morning I woke up shaking and cold but I was sweating.  I went back to sleep.  Finally woke up around 11 a.m. just in time to start getting ready and pick up baby from school.  After picking up baby we came home and I started working on the computer to make sure everything was on schedule and check emails.  I usually spend the morning hours responding to e-mails and posting morning status on Facebook.  Gotta love social media.

Then as the day progressed I finally started to put away the LOADS of laundry that was clean. I just needed to put everything away and keep up with the laundry. washing machine needs replacing and it kept overflowing causing a minor flood in the basement.. carpet wet and now I needed to clean up the mess.  (This has been an ongoing nothing new.)

Then I come upstairs and Robert is doing the dishes and says...the kitchen sink is backed up...we can not run the dishwasher.  Okay.. fine.  I just need to get laundry done.

So I finally finish with the clean laundry, cleaned up the wet carpet and started drying it then it was time to pick up the other two kids from school.  My thought was to get the rest of the computer work completed when we get back from getting everyone from school... Well my plans were changed when I returned. NO INTERNET!!

Really?!?  I call our internet provider to let them know that I have no internet and they need to send someone out.  I already reset the modem and the power down cycle and everything. NOTHING. Great  now I can not get on the internet and finish my work.  I knew I should have done it earlier.. that is what I get. DARN.

So at this point I have a crappy washing machine, a backed up kitchen sink and now NO INTERNET. One good thing about it...I got to catch up on my DVR recordings. Finally!

So today...still no kitchen sink but I did get my internet back around 10:30 this morning.  So I worked on my computer stuff that I was supposed to do yesterday.  I was only able to get one load of laundry completed. (I normally can get 3 or 4 done)Had to wash my dishes in my tub.  This is what I felt like doing t make it more fun..
Image source: Funny picture of washing dishes in the tub. 
 But I just wash the dishes with out getting in the tub. Now my back is tender from bending over the tub.  Oh well... at least I have clean dishes. And to add to the bad luck week... I could not find my card reader with the card to go into my camera. REALLY?!?  Now I have to go to the store buy a new card and a card reader, so I can take pictures of my assignments. Great! At least I have a camera and a completed assignment right?!

However, we were able to have family night...we went up to the indoor water park up in Bountiful and then watched Robert play hockey.  We were only able to last two periods.. I was starving and so were the kids.  Off to the Mc Donald's drive-thru and off back home we went.  Still the same clogged drain in the kitchen. BOO.

But we are getting a new stove delivered tomorrow. (I have been trying to cook dinner in a broken oven for the past couple of months.  It is hard to cook when the temp is wrong from the reading. OH me oh my.)
So I am hoping for the stuff that we bought for the drain works. We are leaving it overnight to see if it will eat away at what ever has clogged up the drain.  If not we are going to have to call the plumber. I can NOT go another day without the kitchen sink.   It is not fun washing dishes in the tub. Yuck!

Okay.. off to bed. (Ha..finally before 3 in the morning. Not bad. 12:30.)
Good night!

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