Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just another regular day... in my life..

Okay.. so life at the Cratin house is the same as any other home. But my kids crack me up all the time. So on Friday, the two older kids went to school. However, because it was a Friday they only have half a day of class. So Robert decides to take them snowboarding and skiing. I was so grateful so I could get things done at the house and I could working on completing my projects.

So I had this huge list that I was going to accomplish. Yea, I think I got two things marked off my list. I was sidetracked, then baby was demanding attention that I was happy to give her, my shopping trip was canceled due to nap time, in the middle of working on the computer a massive headache came over me, and the list goes on and on. No big deal. At least I got something done. Baby steps.

But I did get a couple of layouts started. Got some forms created for the store, started working on the website, finishing up some loose ends for my parents, and one load of laundry done. So I was able to get something just wasn't on my list.

So today is a new day. No list...going with the pressure. We will see how this approach does for me. So have a great day! Hope you have a productive day!

I can not leave here with out a picture...I found this picture of the kids sledding. This was their last sled ride in CHICAGO. (I told you we like the snow.)

Till next time! Happy Crafting!!!

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