Monday, March 28, 2011

Swimming here in UTAH!

Swimming here in Utah! Well okay...just swimming trying to keep my head above water with everything that is going on.

This past weekend Robert's sister and her family came to visit. Between the two of us we had 5 kids ages 7-3. It was so nice getting together and just letting the kids play and have a great time together.  Robert and all of them went snowboarding and skiing for two days and the kids got a chance to play at Jump Around Utah

Speaking of Jump Around Utah, we ran a special with Living Social, and it has propelled us to the next level. now we are making some adjustments so that we are staffed correctly.  Making sure kids are picked up on time from school, and activities are still being resumed as normal.  It has been Crazy busy but a good busy.

I feel truly blessed.  I have been playing with my Cricut Expression and Teresa Collins Designs paper.

I wish I could show you the projects but I will be able to show them one day.  I am just grateful for the wonderful opportunities that I have been given the last couple of months.  Just feeling blessed.

So this is the cause of some sleepless nights and just doing things to stay ahead. So I feel like I am swimming trying to keep my head above water.  I know I will need to take a break soon.  But for now...I just have to do it and keep going!

This week we have more guests coming in visiting from Chicago. I have more deadlines to meet and keep up with my daily activities with the kids and the house work.  If I work it correctly it will all be okay...but no slacking is allowed.  SO wish me luck!!  Off to conquer another crazy week.

Hopefully I will be able to share something with everyone soon. Thanks for listening to my random blathering.


  1. I'm feeling lessed, too :) Busy is good, but take care of YOU! x

  2. That should have said Blessed! I have a sticky B key!