Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just another Wednesday!

Today was just a normal day like every morning. 
Wake up get the kids dressed and sent to school. 
Work on computer stuff and clean up the house till it is time to go pick up the littlest one from pre-school. 
Then we come home, have lunch, work on the computer more and play with the little one. 
 It was the perfect sleeping weather. Gray sky, rain and it started to get cooler.
 Then I had to get up and get the other two from school, and Drew had a playdate come over. 
I cooked dinner, worked with the kids with homework, got to catch up on some of my shows. 
I also even go to talk to some adults today. WOW. 
 The kids are in bed and I am beat. 
 Normally I start working again till about 1 in the morning. 
 But I think I will pass tonight. 

 Tomorrow I help teach art class for Sammie's class. 
Then off to meetings and then I have to go pick up the little one then pick up the other two from school. Then Soccer practice (if it is not raining.) then homework and dinner then BED. 

Really... when does anyone find time to craft anymore? But I have been crafting! 

Did you see this on Teresa Collins Blog? If not go check out what I did with Carolina Breeze. HERE

More to come!  I promise! 

My parents are safely back home and now life is calm.  I don't have to worry if they made it home safe.  They did.  Oh do I already miss them.  I am so grateful for the time I was able to spend with my family. I am also grateful for the time they were able to spend with the kids.  My kids love thier LOLO and LOLA!

I was so happy to get this picture of the kids with my parents before we headed to the airport.  Quality time with the grandparents = PRICELESS. 

So back to a somewhat normal routine.  It is amazing what I can get done at home when no one is around.  I am starting to find my groove.  Have an amazing day!

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