Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I can not keep up.. Letting go...

Okay... First to admit. Too much going on in my life right now.  Just treading water now.

Praying for Grammy Lorie.  The last month has been full of ups and downs. My prayers are with her. Robert and Laura have been traveling back and forth to visit to make sure things are taken care of with the family.  Love you Lorie!

So last weekend while Robert was out taking care of Paul and Lorie we had plans on going to Disney on Ice.
Purchased cups for everyone to remember the show!! So much fun!

I was impressed with the show. My first Disney on Ice Experience.
We had a great time and the kids were attentive and interested the ENTIRE show.  Great times!

Fast forward to this weekend.....
This was my old studio:
What you see when you walk into my studio in the dungeon. 
Here is a video post I did when I first moved in my studio...HERE.
Now I am moving out... into the man cave.
I am still in the middle of moving but this is what we have so far:

Slowly but surly we will get everything moved.

So I am trying to finish up some assignments and it is a bit difficult with my stuff in three different places.  But once we are done with the move of my studio it will be all good.  We are moving my space to the enclosed porch at the back of our house because we need more sleeping areas for everyone. We have a stream of guests coming to visit and we really just need another room for a bed.  Moving my studio will allow me to work while the kids are playing outside.  Because I am at the back of the house I will be able to keep an eye out on them, before I was not able to work when they were outside because I was in the DUNGEON and I could not hear anything in that room. (Good for whoever gets to sleep in that room.  You can not hear a thing.)

I am a bit surprised on how much I was able to pack in that little 8x8 room.  I have taken over half of the garage with all my stuff. YIKES.  I think a scrapbook garage sale is coming soon!!!

I feel like everything is turned upside down.  Trying to move the room....getting the house ready for our guests at the end of the month...keeping up with the kids...worrying about Lorie...and the long list of  "OH CRAP" I have to get that done list vs. just the regular to do list I am a bit behind.

I will get it done... I will.  Till next time... have a great time and LIVE for today! ENJOY the little things in life. Enjoy the everyday moments!

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