Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Madness

Wednesdays at our house are the busiest day of the week. Today was extra crazy... but I was able to get more work done today because:

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  1. Baby got to attend "lunch bunch" today.  I usually have to pick her up at 11:30 but if she goes to lunch bunch it gives me an extra hour to get stuff done.
  2. After school Drew has a play date with some other boys and I call it the "Wednesday Madness" because the host mom takes 7 Kindergarten boys to her house and lets them play till around 5. She is a saint and the boys love it.  I would love to have them over at our house but our house is currently tooo small to host that many boys. One day when we are in a bigger house we can host Wednesday Madness. 
  3. Sammie was able to get in a play date today as well.  
  4. Then we get home and hurry to get dinner in before ice skate lessons.  We get there and guess what..... no class today.  REALLY?!?   I guess I should read all the paper work... But at least they had open skate for the general public.  So I went ice skating with the kids so they could get some practice ice skating.

This was a picture from last week when we started the second session of ice skate lessons.

So it has been many years since I roller skated.  I have only ice skated a handful of times in my life.  It wasn't too hard ... but man my feet kill.  Mostly the arches of my feet. My feet were hurting so bad that I almost want to cry.  If I go slow is when it hurts the most....if I am moving and skating around the rink I am fine.  But it is hard to skate around the rink when the youngest is going the pace of a turtle.  But we worked it out... The kids were impressed that I could even get out there and skate with them.  They were giving me tips and everything. So much fun... great exercise.  At least it is something right?!?!

But now my back is hurting a bit from moving boxes in the garage and from ice skating.  But I am trying to get my studio ready for some major creating time.  I need to get my supplies ready for a volunteer job tomorrow. I am excited about the adventure and I will keep you posted.  So for now....I am going to sit in the tub for a bit to relax my back a bit.  Hope you had a great Wednesday!  I dread and love Wednesdays.  What do you do on your Wednesdays? Leave me a comment and let me know.  I would love to hear how your day went today!

Till next time...have a great day!


  1. I have only ice skated a couple of times but the thing that I remember is how much those skates kill my feet, ha! Maybe if they made them more comfy people would return more often ;)

    1. I am glad I was not the only one feeling the pain! :)