Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The joys of a being a mom.

Most afternoons are uneventful and usually relaxing. Unfortunately, that was not the case this afternoon.

It started with crying from Caroline (aka:Baby) because she was not able to get the toy she wanted at the store. Once a week we head to the local pharmacy to get the kids weekly treats, this is not your normal pharmacy it is more like a candy/giftshop/ boutique for the neighborhood. CUTE STUFF.  So each child gets a budget and you can get anything under that budget.  Today was $2.  She picked out her treat ($.85) and she asked if she could get something else.  Well yes if it is under $1.  The item she picked was $6.  You do the math.  Needless to say, when I told her no she started to cry.  It didn't work. She ended up only getting her $.85 treat.  We left the store and miraculously she stopped crying.  Go figure.

 Then it was Sammie's turn, she gave a piece of candy to Caroline but Caroline had to throw it away because it was melted and bad. Therefore Sammie had to give up another piece of candy to her sister. Major Drama. Not taking into consideration that we still had THREE full bowls of candy from Halloween sitting less than 3 feet in front of her. She insisted on having a hissy fit and I just simply said "you can get a piece of candy from your Halloween stash and give that to her if you want." She just simply smiles and says "oh.... okay" and skips downstairs to give her sister a piece of candy.

Then it was Drew's turn, he did not want to do homework, go to flag football or do anything I asked him to do.  All he wanted to do was play the computer, watch TV or play outside.  (Mind you, the TV does not go on till everyone is done with homework. And honestly what kid does not want to do that on a daily basis.) At this point I was done, I had to call Robert and have him talk to the boy because I was done trying.  As always, Robert to the rescue! Whatever he said to Drew worked.  He said "okay... I will do my homework. Finally we were able to get most of the homework done before we had to head out to flag football.

We finally get everyone in the car and off to flag football. FINALLY, the girls get their homework done while at the field house and Drew's team wins the game.   Go Team go!Because of the events that happened after school I was unable to get dinner started before we headed out to the off to grab some Arby's sandwiches for dinner. We make it just in time for Robert to join us. Everyone was fine and happy that daddy was home from work.  I was glad that he helped me get across to the kids that homework is important and if it is not done in a timely fashion they will get in trouble and they will loose their computer time and TV time over the weekend.So that was my afternoon/evening. I am ready for bed. Tomorrow I will be running around getting groceries and items for Sammie's girl scout meeting on Friday.

Before I go, I wanted to share an album I created for The Hen's Den Blog.


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