Monday, October 14, 2013

Birthday Party time savers!

Birthday Parties!!!   Oh wow.  My kids have been to so many birthday parties since school has started.  We have at least two or three in one weekend.  I guess that is what you get when you have three little kids.  I created some quick and easy cards for the kids to use to give to classmates during this crazy time.  It is a time saver for me because I already have the supplies and have you gone to the store lately to purchase a card.  I was amazed how much a plain card is to purchase. EEK. and they are not that cute.  The cute ones are an arm and a leg.   I will continue to make my own cards thank you.   Okay. Here are the quick and easy cards I made.
2013 DT - Sesil Cratin

Gift mini cards - Supplies: Bella Blvd.

2013 DT - Sesil Cratin-2

Card for a birthday.  I loved this sentiment from Bella Blvd. collection.

Hope you create some cards for that last minute birthday party or any celebration.  You have the supplies on had you might as well put them go good use.  Have a great week.  The kids are off for their fall break this week.  Another crazy week at our house.

Till next time. happy crafting.


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