Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finally getting into the holiday spirit.

It has taken me a bit to get into the holiday season. I think it was because we have been so busy with trying to get Jump Around Utah open, all the kids school activities and just other things going on, I haven't been in the holiday spirit. However, the other day something  clicked. I wasn't as stressed anymore and just went with the flow.

The last couple of days have been busy with the kids' school programs. It was so cute to see each of my kids perform with their classes.
Sammie at her school performance.

Drew at his school performance.

We finally took pictures with Santa. We got the kids dressed to visit Santa, and they were so excited to see him and tell him what they want for Christmas. We knew this would be the first year we would be able to get a picture with Santa without anyone crying...or without making mom and dad get in the picture. Success! Caroline was so excited she got to dress up. The other two were in school programs, and she felt a little left out. So here she is all proud of herself. I have to say...Caroline needed a bit of bling. I took some Teresa Collins blingage, Amy's Gems added a Jumbo Zot to the back of the gem and added it to her dress, no pins to stick her or me. Then I took one of Miranda's Jewels and added it to a ribbon I tied in her hair. Perfect jewelry for children.
Caroline excited to go see Santa.

So now that I have pictures of the kids with Santa, I could  make the Christmas Cards.  I created them and sent them off to get printed. Phew. One more thing off my list.  The kids are now out for their winter break.  It is time to get crafty with the kids.

Okay... off to bed, another busy day tomorrow. Don't forget to check out Teresa Collins Blog HERE for the great giveaway!



  1. Your children are absolutely stunning...what a beautiful family!

  2. Oh Sesil, How fun!! They all look so very festive and they are so adorable!!

  3. Your kids are just precious! I love how you used the Blingage!!!

  4. You have BEAUTIFUL children!!! LOVE her hair piece!!

  5. those children are so precious!! They are at such fun ages for Christmas this year!!!