Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So much fun...

The kids are on winter break so things are a little crazy around the house. We have been playing games an a ton of computer games. I have been working on getting holiday cards out and pulling addresses off the computer. They think they are helping and doing their work when they are on the computer. At least they are playing the educational websites.

First I would like to share a layout using Teresa Collins Noel line.
Crazy Drew Christmas Layout
This was a picture from last Christmas. If you know my boy he is a total goofball. This layout is the perfect representation of Drew.

Last night Sammie lost her third tooth. This was her front tooth. We were all using the computer and she jumps up and says "Thank you Drew for helping my tooth come out! I love you! Look Mom my tooth is out!" Apparently Drew was sitting behind Sammie pushing her while she was playing on the computer and pushed her while she was holding her tooth and knocked it out, the tooth has been loose for a couple of days.
Here is a picture of her and her new smile!

Sammie's new smile. to finish some projects like clean house, finish the holiday cards, wrapping gifts, start preparing for Christmas Eve Dinner. Oh...So excited that my brother and his fiancee are spending the holidays with us.  SUPER EXCITED!  Our first Christmas in UTAH!   Okay...have a great day....

OH!!!! Let me tell you a secret...YOU DO NOT want to miss out on the HUGE giveaway on Teresa Blog on CHRISTMAS.  TRUST ME ON THIS.  Make sure to check her blog everyday.  I am telling is the link....HERE!

Okay... of to be productive! Till next creative and enjoy life NOW!


  1. Love the layout, Sesil! And who doesn't love a happy, gappy smile? :)

    Good luck with all the holiday prep- enjoy!

  2. such a cute layout -- so many wonderful things to do with the Noel line!!! Awesome!

  3. Awww I love her new smile so adorable!! OK, your layout is awesome!!! ✿✿