Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My busy crazy life..it's all good.

Life is crazy and especially mine, okay in my own little word it is crazy.

Saturday we had a little tree trimming party to help kick off the holiday season. We had a couple of neighbors over and decorated the tree. The kids loved the party all the kids got along and played nicely together. (We had 9 kids 7 adults in our little house.) I had a great time spending time with everyone and loved that the kids didn't want the party to stop. It is never a party without excitement right? So the event of the night happened when we were finished decorating the tree, just relaxing and talking, then all of a sudden...the tree FALLS OVER... yes, you read that right....the tree fell over. Here is the poor tree. (notice the Easter Egg ornament that one of the kids made.)

Do not adjust your screens.  Yes the tree fell down. Notice the broken star.

So we are waiting to see if the tree says where we put it and not fall over, so for the time being it looks like this. Sad I know but at least we have a tree.

I told you...don't laugh!

Then on Sunday, I had to do the laundry. Oh the dreaded laundry. This is what my piles of laundry looks in my home. We go through so many socks and jeans.  And I have to wash all the bedding every week. I know we are supposed to have spares but for some reason we didn't have that many linens that made the move.  And we just not had the chance to go out and get more. So I do laundry. 

Oh how I despise doing laundry. But someone has to do it and that person is me!

I have been working on helping Teresa Collins with her 25 Favorite Things Giveaway. Let me tell you there are some amazing giveaways that you are not wanting to miss.  So make sure you check out her blog EVERYDAY till Christmas.  Here is the link to her blog: Teresa Collins Blog. It is amazing to see how everyone has just been extremely generous with the giveaways and supportive of Teresa's good nature to pay it forward to her readers.  I am lucky to work with such a talented, genuine and  kindhearted individual.  You should see how hard she works behind the scenes. She is constantly being  mindful of her customers and her fans.  Maybe I will be able to give you a sneak peek on what goes on behind the scenes of Teresa Collins Designs.

But until then, I have to get back to getting my computer fixed. Oh yea..had to reformat my computer and now I am re-installing my programs, drivers and all that fun stuff that deals with the computer CRASHING while trying to get the newsletter completed.  NICE thanks mr. computer.  So I am spending time working on my computer when I would rather be working here in my studio.

my studio

Until next time!  Have fun creating!  Hopefully soon I will be able to get to the studio and create something. So I can share a project or two.  See ya, hope your life is not as crazy as mine. 


  1. Oh Sesil...I feel so much better after reading your mis-adventures...we need to start talking more about our misadventures because that is what life is all about...just think of all the memories you created for the 9 children & 7 adults that were present...LOL!

  2. Oh wow. I am SO sorry about your tree tipping over! Hope it stays put now. And I sympathize with the computer issues. I hate it when my internet acts up. ugh.

  3. Awww, I just want to hug you!! The poor tree, I agree at least it's up and what a memory - remember when we had that awesome party and the tree fell over...Good Times!! But the whole computer thing, YIKES!!! That bites, I totally understand. Hope the rest of your week is blessed with goodness! ✿

  4. I love and appreciate you so much!!!!!


  5. OH, girl-- the tree story---all I can say is you need a BIG rest and to put your feet up. YOUR laundry looks like mine!! Bless your heart!

  6. You have some fun things going on in your blog space, and funny the story about the tree, think we have all done that at least once.