Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer time!!! Finally - Drew and Baby's Birthday Party (a month late)

It is official! We are on summer break!

Yesterday was jam packed with activities for the kids.
Robert took all the kids to the water park. (I did not go because I had to get ready for Caroline and Drew's combo birthday party.)
Then I went and got ready for the birthday party for the kids.

The quick center pieces I made for the party.
Baby was mesmerized by the lit candles. 

The birthday cake before the ducks got pulled off. 

Drew enjoyed his party!  The party was a hit! We love Jump Around Utah!

What an exciting day! Our summer is filling up with different activities for the kids and I am getting my studio ready for all the deadlines and projects that will be coming soon! SO are you ready for summer?



  1. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog...I too am really excited to be joining the team and to working with you and those talented group of ladies!
    your children are adorable!

  2. It looks like a lot of fun was had by all! What a cool cake :)