Sunday, June 26, 2011

This week in reveiw....

Ha! Another Crazy week. At least this week we had fun together as a family. Sorry for a long post. Maybe if I would post more than once a week my post would not be so long. Okay.. here we go.

Twice a year, we get ready for CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show) Because the timing of when the papers were ready and Teresa was out of town I went to the warehouse to separate and collate the papers for the new collections to send them out to the Design Team Members. Now is the time I spend most of my free time creating and getting layouts and projects completed for the Trade Show. Thank goodness for Nick he helped me get the papers ready to ship out. Something I thought would only take a couple of hours ended up taking three. OOPS! At least the kids were with Robert.

I get back to Jump Around Utah and get a call from our cousin Lara!  She was in town for a business trip and wanted to spend some time with us.  So I picked her up and took her to visit with the kids and see our place at Jump Around Utah.  We just got back from our family vacation with them in Hilton Head and it was nice that she could come out and see what we were talking about on vacation.    IT was great to see her even though it was only for a quick visit.  I was so glad that she could take time out of her busy week to see us.  We love you Cousin Lara.

The same day the kids decided they could not take their long hair any longer and they all wanted haircuts.Long story short (no pun intended) The kids and I got hair cuts.
Caroline (aka: Baby) New Haircut

Fox and his new Fo-hawk.  He like the spiky hair.

Sammie loves her new bangs. She is so happy that there are no more tangles in her hair.

Day of errands and cleaning the house.
I was grateful for the kids being able to have a playdate while I ran errands for Jump Around Utah and grocery shopping for the family.  So it was a wonderful trip to Costco and other stores to gather everything needed for the house and the store.  Needless to say it too most of my morning and afternoon to put everything away.  So much fun! Tuesday is laundry day too.

I love being able to explore new places with friends.  We had another playdate and we meet at Liberty Park.  It was so much fun for the kids and it was nice to sit and talk to an actual adult and catch up!
I love our playdates!  I didn't take any pictures for some reason.  But, there was an amazing view of snow capped mountains while I was sitting in the shade watching the kids enjoy the warm day playing in the water.  I should have taken a picture but for some reason I didn't.  I was just enjoying the moment.

As I am cleaning up the house I get a call from our neighbor saying that they were going to the pool and wanted to see if the kids wanted to go. YEAH!!  I even got to go too.  So we head off to the pool.  Unfortunately, we were only able to play in the pool for 45 minutes.  They had an accident and had to clean out the pool causing them to close down the pool for the rest of the night. DARN. We were trying to stay out of the house so Em would have time to clean their house. (trust me.. it is easier to clean the house when the kids are out of the house.)  So to give Em more time we pulled the slip and slide out in the front yard and played for a couple hours.  It was funny to watch the kids play in the water.  Everyone got into the fun.  It was nice to play in the water when it was soooooooooooooo hot in the house.  I told Robert the house was just unbearably hot the last couple of days and I was not sure how we would be able to make it through the summer.

Okay... another day of not taking pictures. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!?!?

We made a plan to head up to Bountiful to play at the rec center and afterwards watch Robert play hockey.  It made it a late night but we sure did have fun!!!!  Finally I took pictures. 

Sammie enjoying the water.

Baby loved the water.
Drew swimming.

Drew and Robert

Kids playing in the fountains.

My view of the outdoor play area we were in most of the time.

Hockey Time!!!  GO HAWKS!

The kids and Issac watching the game!  The HAWKS WIN!!!

After a long night we had to relax a bit in the morning.  But Robert was going to get off of work around 2 so we decided to tackle Seven Peaks Water Park and enjoy it as a family.
The water park was PACKED!!  But we had a blast.  By the time we got home we just relaxed and enjoyed the evening.  We even got a visit from Tre and Payton during the evening.  It was nice that they were able to join us for a bit.

So today we are relaxing at home.  Sunday...a true day of Rest!   Hope you had a great week. 


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  1. All in all a good week it looks like. Love the new haircuts...
    Hope you have a great week...big hugs!!! Thanks for all you do Sesil...just want you to know you are very appreciated!!! Hugs.