Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday break!!!

It is holiday break for us.  The kids are home and we are getting ready for the holidays.

It is busy at Jump Around Utah with the kids out of school and not so much snow on the mountains we have been CRAZY busy!  But it is all a good kinda crazy. Today we attended a birthday party first thing this morning.  Again, so much fun for the kids and to celebrate another year.

Robert and I attended an Elephant Gift Exchange party on Friday. We had an amazing time!  It was nice to let down our hair and meet some new friends.
The gifts
One of the gifts at the exchange. I thought it was  the most creative gift ever!!

A few weeks ago Robert's cousin stopped by on his way to Portland. Here is a picture of him and the kids. They loved having him here even if it were only for a couple of nights.
"Click, click, click, click" --- as the kids say as I am taking their picture.

I have been working on some projects here and there but can not show them yet.  But I can show you the latest!!!  I completed Drew's new blankie!!!
Here is his current blankie:
the old blanket
the new blanket
Sorry for the blurry pictures but you get the idea.  Drew picked out all the fabric for the NEW blanket. Please note: I am not a quilter by any means...but at least I was able to complete it and he LOVES it!

We are ready for the holidays.  Play dates are scheduled and we will be able to spend the holidays with family!  How are you spending your holiday break?


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