Friday, February 1, 2013

What did I get myself into?

Oh me oh my.... what in the world did I get myself into?  Really?  What was I thinking.  I swear I am getting crazy in my old age.  OH MY!!!

February only has 28 days.


Yes call me crazy.

I have joined Lain Ehimann's Layout a Day Challenge.

BUT remember how I said practice makes perfect?  There is no better time to do this than today.  Yes we all have a life and we get things done.  SO I am going to get it done.

I am not saying that every layout will be a masterpiece but it will be a layout more that I do and I will get better and better as time goes on.

SO  our prompt today was to do a layout with NO WORDS. EASY one for me.

Here is my layout.

I used my Cocoa Daisy January Kit to finish this layout.  It was nice to have a kit that was ready to use.

I am so excited that I am actually using my scrapbook supplies and not hording my papers and embellishments.  THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!!!

I am the type that will just by it and never use it because it is too pretty to play with. And mind you, I was in the retail side of scrapbooking for 10 years. Do you know how much scrapbooking supplies one person can accumulate in 10 years when I don't do as many layouts as I should be doing? Do you know what I am talking about? Are you the same way? It is time to take the challenge and start using our stash.

So another one of my goals this year is to use what I have!!!  And let me tell you I do have some fun stuff.

I should say this... I am  not including anything supplies I get that I need to work with for assignments.  This is a separate stash. I do have a work stash and a personal stash.   SO I am talking about my personal stash will be dwindled down.

Okay. Here are more pictures of my layout.

Thank you for stopping by!  Keep checking my progress!  I will have to do a layout a day for the rest of the month. YIKES.

You don't know how much that scares me.

OH...I have some exciting news to share.  I can not say anything yet but SOON!!!

Leave me a comment to let me know if you have a large stash you need to purge.  I have so much I should do a giveaway.   I think I will do a give a way.

I will fill a Medium Flat Rate Boxes full of scrapbook supplies and send it to a  random winner on anyone that leaves a comment on this post. You have till the 8th to qualify. I will announce a winner on the 9th of February. 

SO happy scrapping!!!

You are going to get a LOAD (lay out a day)  from me. HA HA!!!


  1. Bravo to you gf for committing to that!!! I need something like that to kick me into 2013 already! Of course, a healthy house would help too. : )

    LOVE the page and it's awesome!

  2. I think this is a great idea. You go girl!

  3. Thank you Rhonda! Hope yall start feeling better soon. Everyone is getting sick and that is no fun. HUGS!

  4. Thank you Ivy! Hugs to my crafty sister...Filipna style!

  5. Good for you! Your children are so cute. Just think you'll have 28 layouts when you're done!!! That's motivation . Stay committed. I have challenged myself to give up watching TV at night and instead spend that time in my craft room and work on projects that I have said I want to do! I want to make layouts of my grandson's first five years of things he loved to do(books he loved to read, toys he loved, etc ) for him, and have a wedding for one of my children in June and another grandchild due in July so hopefully with my challenge I can get these projects done! I may have inspired my grandson to become a scrapbooker. He wants to make "books" with grandma when he comes to spend the night using my scrapbook supplies. I'm thinking of making a stash of supplies just for him to use when he comes. I have some old Star Wars stickers he found and has his eye on for next time as he loves Star Wars. So cute!

  6. Thank you Cindy.
    your challenge will also produce some great craft time. I love that your grandson loves to admire the books you create. It makes it that much more special. You are going to have to share some of your creations. I am in need of fun boy layouts. I tend to go too girly on my layouts.

  7. Thanks Cheri-
    I need all the cheerleaders I can get! Thanks

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