Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween re-cap.

Hope you had a great Halloween..we had an amazing night!!!
It was nice to have a dress rehearsal on Friday at school with the costumes. We were able to tweak the outfits to make it an enjoyable night.  Here is a picture of the family and our costumes.

Truth be told...I took off my wings after we took the picture. So I had wings for a total of 5 minutes.  I did however put on an orange jacket to be a little festive.

We started out around 5:30 to head over to our friend Pagie's house for a quick get together. On the way the kids were able to trick or treat all the way there.  After filling our bellies with food we headed out again to trick or treat with friends.  It was so much fun watching a group of kids trick or treating and enjoying themselves.  Drew was ready to head home around 7.  I couldn't believe it, really? so early?  We headed up to another set of friends and Patrick was nice enough to drive us back home.  (We were 6 blocks away from the house.)  So Thank you Patrick!!  But we were home before 8 and all the kids were out by 8:30.  I was in shock!  But we had a great time trick or treating.  Last year we didn't get to trick or treat much because it was raining. BUT this year TOTALLY made up for last year.  So excited that we have a stash of candy to last us a year.

So the kids are down and I had to finish up some work.  So in addition to trying to  make costumes I was working on this:

Here is the post about my project: Advent Calendar Blog Post

So now you see why I was so tired the last couple of weeks.  Can not wait for this weekend.  FAMILY TIME!!!  So have an amazing first day of November!  Till next time!



  1. Cute pics and I LOOOVVVVEEEE the new blog colors!! awesome!

  2. Very cute costumes! That advent calendar is stunning! love the colors and embellishments you chose for that - just gorgeous.