Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I am so PROUD of Sammie!
Friday when I picked up Sammie from school, she was all excited about getting back to school on Monday. So I ask her why she was so excited.  She told me that she got called to the office and she was going to do a special activity with the principal on Monday.  They didn't want to spoil the surprise. SHE WAS SO EXCITED.

I had to ask.. How did you get to have this opportunity? Sammie explained to me that she got into the CLUB. So as a mom I had to find out what in the world was she talking about.  So here is the break down:

The CLUB is a positive reward program, also known as the Principal's 200 club.

Each day 10 tickets are handed out by adults in the school. Tickets are given out to a student who is meeting the school goal.  School goals can be: knowing the school rules and/or following certain school rules.

Students who receive a ticket will turn in their ticket to the office, sign the autographbook, and their ticket will be placed on the club board.  As the board fills up, the school waits for the special 10 to fill up.  When there are 10 in a row, the row is rewarded.

So Sammie is part of the CLUB!!!  GO Sammie!

So fast forward to Sunday night. While I am trying to get everyone to bed, Sammie mentions that she is excited about going to school in the morning.  At this point I forgot.  So she reminds me about her special activity with the principal.  OH... OKAY now I remember.  I was excited for her at this point and tucked her into bed and told her she will need her energy for the SPECIAL ACTIVITY.

So all day I was thinking about Sammie and her special activity. I remembered to take my camera to help document her special day!  So when I saw Sammie she had a wonderful smile on her face.  I had to ask...so what was the special activity. Sammie said "We got to ride scooters together and we were in a race together."
She was SOOOOOO happy and proud that she was able to have that activity with the principal and to be part of the CLUB!

Sammie and her principal

Look at the smile on her face!  She was so PROUD!!!  AND I am PROUD of Sammie and her accomplishment.  WAY TO GO SAMMIE!


  1. Way to Go Sammie!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!✿✿✿

  2. Go sammie-- that is darling -- so happy for her!!
    Proud MOm too-- you are doing a great job raising great kids