Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mid - life crisis already?

Yesterday I was in a strange mood. Not sad...but not happy, just here.
I have so much going on in my head. What to and where do I go from here thoughts.
I feel like I am walking in circles with no place to go. Am I hitting a mid-life crisis already??

Not that I am wanting to be 27 again.
I have experienced a lifetime while I was working before I became a  mom.
I am happy with the things that I have accomplished.
I have a wonderful husband and great kids.
We have a successful business that we are running.
I have great friends, we live in the ideal neighborhood with a roof over our heads.
I work from home with great amount of flexibility. Ideal jobs!

I just have the desire to do something NEW. Something to make me have that spark again.
I want to feel energized and excited about what I am doing.
I guess it is hard with no longer having to work outside the home has made me feel a bit isolated. Don't get me wrong. I feel blessed that I am able to be here for the kids while they are young but I still feel like I am missing something.

I need to figure it out. I can not figure out the root issue here. I know I will find it soon... I just am in a little rut.
Have you ever felt this way? I think it might be with the holidays coming up there is a ton of emotions that just surface.

Trying to figure it all out. I need to get in tune with MYSELF.

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  1. Yes, I sure have been there! Thank you for being brave enough to share what you shared! Somedays I cannot put my finger on it, and I tend to dive into the next project- school or church related or just start creating to create! and it helps…but sometimes it is hard to get out of the funk. I think I can relate, because I too am a sahm and was working from my home…so I get SO much of what you are saying! when you figure it out, YOU will feel so much better! I'm still searching too:)