Thursday, November 10, 2011

So many things to be Thankful for...

We have been enjoying the time together as a family. We just got back from VEGAS.
 Nov 2011
Feb 2010

We has so much fun with Pop Pop and Grammy Lori. We were able to catch up with some old friends that Robert and I used to work with while on our trip. Just a great time.

We had to entertain the kids while on the drive.  We were fully loaded with movies and iPad and toys galore.  You would think that we were moving out of state with all the stuff we brought to entertain the kids. 

Yesterday Robert and Baby were on Good Things Utah.  Baby made it on camera TWICE.  Here is a clip where she got a little stage fright....but hey she was on TV right?

Robert was on talking about Jump Around Utah but I don't have the video for that segment. We are trying to get that video... as soon as we get the video I will post something.  So grateful for all the opportunities that we have with Jump Around Utah.... SO GRATEFUL!


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  1. How exciting to be on TV! Your car looks very familiar to ours when we take road trips! You have a beautiful family, Sesil!