Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1: I am thankful for ...

I am thankful for my neighbors Tom and Carol Lee. They are both in the Utah Symphony and  passed along some tickets for us during the summer including tickets to tonight's performance with Riders in the Sky.
It was amazing! A cross between folk music and classical reminded me of a Disney Western.  That was my fist thought when they started playing together with the Symphony. Later during the set  I discovered they performed a song called  "Woody's Round Up" for "Toy Story 2"  The entire performance was entertaining and amazing.

Unfortunately, I had to attend the symphony by myself because Drew had his last T-ball game and someone had to stay home with the kids.  (By the way, Drew came home with his first trophy. Wooo Hooo! Go Drew!) Thank you Robert for watching the kids so I could go listen to some Old Folk Country songs accompanied by the Utah Symphony.  Tonight was a good night.  Date night..solo.  Try it.

So that is what I am thankful for today.

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