Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3: I am thankful for...

I am thankful for moving to Utah.  We moved from Chicago to Salt Lake City in March.  We have already done so much in the 8 months we have been here that what we did in Chicago in the past 5 years.  We have more opportunities to do things as a family.  We are more a family now that ever.  Our quality of life has improved 110%.  You can see it in the kids smile, laughter and personalities that this was the right move for us.  I realize that there are some of our friends that are scared of change, but we were ready for a change, we needed the change, change was good for us.

We get asked why Salt Lake City? Why Utah?  Robert grew up in Colorado, always on the mountains during the winter months.  He wanted to move to the mountains.  I wanted to live close to an International Airport, have good public education and a family friendly environment. Salt Lake City is perfect.  We are still in the city but so close to the mountains....and come on people it is the capital of the scrapbooking industry.  (that is going to be a different post all together.)

So I believe we are here to stay. We were talking to some friends and someone said that "Salt Lake City is a little hidden gem."   It is so true, the beauty of a city and the beauty of mountains that surround you everyday.  AMAZING!  So to us we feel like we are in a little suburb of Chicago but with mountains and cheaper taxes.

So today I am thankful for moving to Utah.

Here are some pictures while in Utah.
Our little house

Drew and Sammie

Maddie and Sammie
Caroline, Sammie and Drew off on a hike with Robert
Jumping in Moab, UT

Now do you see why I am thankful for moving to Utah?  We love it out here in Utah!

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