Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2: I am thankful for....

I am thankful for knowing Susan Dallas.  Susan passed away suddenly 2 years ago she was only in her early 30's.  She was an amazing wife, mother and friend.  Ask anyone who was able to cross her path she was full of life, joy and a great friend.  I think of her often as she was my confidant, you could tell her anything and she always had this great wisdom and knew exactly how to say it with out making you feel like and idiot.  Okay...sometimes I was an idiot.  But she was not afraid to tell you like it is, what you needed to do and suggestions on how to do it or how to get there.  I am honored and blessed that I was graced with her presence during her time on earth.

I love you Susan, you will always be a part of me. By the way...quit laughing at me up there.  I know you are..you were always laughing at me. I love you dearly. Chris and Evan I love you more than you know..you will always be part of our family.

Some of the Windy City girls at Christina's wedding. 

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